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Slow economic growth, low oil prices, a contentious Presidential election year, and other factors are causing volatility in the markets and creating a plethora of trading opportunities. Only traders with the right knowledge and tools will be well positioned to take advantage of the trading opportunities presented by current market conditions. This all points to one thing-high-quality trading education is essential to your trading success. Inside The Las Vegas Traders Expo Virtual Event learn in-depth new in-depth strategies from trading gurus that will keep you on top of your trading game.

Register today and have access to over 20 sessions and learn how to revolutionize your trading for years to come. Registration is free, fast, and easy to do. Once registered, log on to The Traders Expo Virtual Event LIVE, November 16-18 ,or come back November 24 - December 6 to view the sessions on-demand.


Gain the insights and perspectives you need to make profitable investment decisions.


Learn which sectors will lead the market over the next 12 months and the best way to limit risk.


Sharpen your trading strategies and discover new opportunities for successfully managing risk in your portfolio.

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Discover new opportunities by learning from some of the world's best active professional traders. The Traders Expo Las Vegas Virtual Event is an unmatched opportunity to acquire knowledge and tools that you can put to work the next time you're at your trading desk.

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